Since I was little I have loved getting to know people. My heart is always to capture the essence of who people truly are.

My philosophy on portraits has always been to capture the essence of humans in an intentional and intimate way. To me, portraits should be about capturing authenticity.

Whether you are a family, a couple, a senior, or a business owner, my heart is to learn about who you are and to capture just that. I will most likely ask you a million questions about your life just because I love love love getting to know people. 

I am also well aware that getting in front of a camera takes a lot of work, from planning to getting ready for the shoot. It is vulnerable to have someone photograph you, so my aim is comfort above all else. I want everyone who steps in front of my lens to feel like they can be their most authentic self. I will be your hype girl, your stylist, and whatever else you need to create the best experience possible. I also believe in making it FUN! Capturing memories is fun! I am terrible at telling jokes, but I promise to aim to make it a great experience where you can feel like your best self. 

Interested in working Together?

Interested in working Together?



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